Corporate Profile and History

Corporate Profile

Company name FUTABA BOBBIN CO., LTD.
Main bisiness activities Production and sales of industrial bobbins, rolls, and cores
Number of main production machines Injection machines (100t-550t, hydrolic and electric); 9
Spin welding machines; 11
Other original processing machines; 17
Genaral purpose lathes; 6
CNC lathes; 9
CNC machining centers; 1
Temperature-controlled rooms; 2
Dust controlled rooms; 1
Location 73 Isami Yamagata-city, Gifu-pref. 501-2102 JAPAN
Contact Tel : +81-581-27-2356
Fax: +81-581-27-3661
Date established July 5, 1960
Capital 20 million yen
Number of employees 60
Board menbers President and Representative Director, HIKOSAKA Shoich
Director, ICHIHARA Norio
Director, TERAUCHI Koichiro
Director, YAMADA Tetsuya


July 5, 1960 established as "FUTABA WOODEN TUBE CO., LTD."
1966 started the production of plastic bobbins and cores
1968 renamed the company "FUTABA BOBBIN CO., LTD."
1968 introduced "Spin Welding" technique to mass production
1974 developed the high-pressure capacity floats for fishing industry
1975 developed the long size cores
1984 started the shipment of cores to glass fiber cloth manufactures
1989 started the shipment of cores to paper manufactures
2000 started the shipment of the cores for separator films of lithium ion batteries
2004 developed "Hollow Dual Structure" cores
2010 developed the wide 300mm cores for separator films of lithium ion batteries

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