FUTABA BOBBIN Contributes to Social Benefit and Welfare as a Top Manufacturer of Plastic Bobbins and Cores for Industry.


Pursuing to a goal "Little Big Company" assisting the leading edge Industry!  Since establishment in 1960, FUTABA BOBBIN have been manufacturing and selling a wide range of industrial winding cores for strings, sheets and films  as a top manufacturer. Among them, "Hollow Dual Structure Cores" ,created by an original technique "Spin Welding", have a good reputation from our customers because of its low cost, light weight and stiffness. Also, our cores for the separator films of lithium ion batteries, have maintained the world's top position since its introduction in 2004.
 Also in the days ahead, we are contributing to social benefit and welfare by developing and adapting our products to the customers' latest needs and desires.
President, HIKOSAKA Shoichi

Core Competences

  • 1. Original Techniques  In 1968 we introduced "Spin Welding" technique in mass production for the first time. It made us possible to create a hollow structure of thick plastic bodies, that had been impossible for a long time.
     "ABS Hollow Dual Structure Cores", is one of our lineups created by the technique. It has a very good reputation especially from glass fiber cloth manufacturers worldwide, because of its low price, light weight and stiffness, that could be replaced for the expensive FRP cores.
  • 2. Integrated Operation Our operation covers all processes of bobbins and cores. It includes not only production like injection, processing, assembly, and final inspection, but also development and design. Integrated operation contributes a great deal to short lead time of supply chain and high quality of products.
  • 3. Availability of Various Materials We have a know-how of wide range of materials, not only plastics like ABS, PA6, PA66, POM, PC, PP, FRP, but also aluminum, or combination of plastic and metal. We could propose the best choice of material for the customers' specific needs.


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